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Bug#613214: use libpam-krb5 for uidNumbers greater than 10000 only (as opposed to the default > 1000)

[Mike Gabriel]
> My DebianEdu squeeze (which was a DVD snapshot install from today -
> 20110213) adds local users starting with uidNumber=1000.
> Thus, user creation in LDAP and in /etc/passwd start off with the
> same uidNumber. I recommend setting the first LDAP uidNumber to a
> higher value (like 10000 or so).

Then I suspect you are doing it wrong.  If you want a local user, you
need to add --uid 500 or so to adduser.  :)

If you want adduser to create local users by default, ie with uids in
the 500-1000 range, you should probably edit /etc/adduser.conf to
change its behaviour.  These are the relevant settings:

# FIRST_[GU]ID to LAST_[GU]ID inclusive is the range of UIDs of dynamically
# allocated user accounts/groups.


Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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