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change IP settings (Re: dvd space issues

Hi Louis,

On Samstag, 6. November 2010, Louis-Maurice De Sousa wrote:
> >>    - choose IP addresses of the server. It's mandatory for us in
> >> "académie de Versailles" to use DebianEdu, I have actually to install an
> >> other router.
> >
> > I'll file a bug about this, so that we wont forget for Squeeze+1 :)
> Ok, thanks. But Squeeze+1 is in a long time. :-) And time is not our
> ally to beat Microsoft© and Apple©. ;-)
> To install DebianEdu in a school, I must be able to change the server
> public IP. I mean the IP. Is there a manual method ? I found
> one once, but can't put an hand on it now.

I've put a note in the squeeze manual now, so that we'll document it properly 
for the release, maybe even this weekend in Oslo...?!


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