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Re: dvd space issues

Le 06/11/2010 11:02, Holger Levsen a écrit :
Hi Louis-Maurice,

let me just reply to these three aspects of your mail:

On Mittwoch, 3. November 2010, Louis-Maurice De Sousa wrote:
I see three important things to increase quality and "user experience"
as they say in privative world ;-) :
   - choose de default window manager. It could be then possible to have
only some software installed. For example, gedit if you choose Gnome,
and Kate if it's KDE. Same for the media player, browser...

this is possible already today in Lenny (and will continue to work in
Squeeze): you can install with Gnome instead of KDE. Squeeze also supports

This is described in:


Ok, I saw I could install it but not that there was a kernel parameter for the default WM. I don't like too much when Gnome is "windowsed" with that start-like button in bottom of screen. I quite don't understand why it's default behaviour is changed. KDE and LXDE already are like that.
But it's a taste issue :-)

I didn't saw there already had a Squeeze install DVD. I'll try it next week. :-)
Thanks for the link.

A WM based on Qimo (http://www.qimo4kids.com/) could be interesting for
younger pupils.

Qimo needs to be packaged for Debian first :)

Yes, I know. It isn't even packedged for Ubuntu. If I can save some time, I'll try to do it for my wife wich teaches in the nursery school (a french peculiarity called "maternelle").

   - choose IP addresses of the server. It's mandatory for us in
"académie de Versailles" to use DebianEdu, I have actually to install an
other router.

I'll file a bug about this, so that we wont forget for Squeeze+1 :)

Ok, thanks. But Squeeze+1 is in a long time. :-) And time is not our ally to beat Microsoft© and Apple©. ;-) To install DebianEdu in a school, I must be able to change the server public IP. I mean the IP. Is there a manual method ? I found one once, but can't put an hand on it now.

   - enhance ldap, to manage groups of users and machines. We actually
use this


very interesting! I'll leave that to the people more into LDAP to look into

With this organization, teachers only see there classes and pupils, and pupils only there classes, in the samba shares. Teachers can distribute work in there pupils "home". Sofware can be diferently installed on computers depending on the classrooms... Some functionnalities exist to compensate Windows failures so they can be managed differently and more easily in DebianEdu.


Louis-Maurice De Sousa

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