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Bug#602591: allow to choose different IP settings

package: debian-edu-install
severity: wishlist

On Mittwoch, 3. November 2010, Louis-Maurice De Sousa wrote:
>   - choose IP addresses of the server. It's mandatory for us in
> "académie de Versailles" to use DebianEdu, I have actually to install an
> other router.

It would be great if one could be (optionaly) prompted to enter a different IP 
address for the network, gateway and tjener (and thus all machines). 

Several organisations use different network settings and need to change our 
settings, making the installation harder than it should be. Having a router 
and a network is very common today, but it's quite uncommon for them to be 
set to and like our settings requiere.

IMO the best would be an extra kernel commandline parameter to trigger a set 
of debconf questions.

Something for wheezy, /me thinks :)


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