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Re: dvd space issues

Hi Louis-Maurice,

let me just reply to these three aspects of your mail:

On Mittwoch, 3. November 2010, Louis-Maurice De Sousa wrote:
> I see three important things to increase quality and "user experience"
> as they say in privative world ;-) :
>   - choose de default window manager. It could be then possible to have
> only some software installed. For example, gedit if you choose Gnome,
> and Kate if it's KDE. Same for the media player, browser...

this is possible already today in Lenny (and will continue to work in 
Squeeze): you can install with Gnome instead of KDE. Squeeze also supports 

This is described in:


> A WM based on Qimo (http://www.qimo4kids.com/) could be interesting for
> younger pupils.

Qimo needs to be packaged for Debian first :)

>   - choose IP addresses of the server. It's mandatory for us in
> "académie de Versailles" to use DebianEdu, I have actually to install an
> other router.

I'll file a bug about this, so that we wont forget for Squeeze+1 :)

>   - enhance ldap, to manage groups of users and machines. We actually
> use this
> http://wwdeb.crdp.ac-caen.fr/mediase3/index.php/L%27annuaire_LDAP#G.C3.A9n.

very interesting! I'll leave that to the people more into LDAP to look into 


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