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On mtPaint and rgbPaint

Hello there,

may I pose a question regarding the software rgbPaint. It is a
simplified version of mtPaint, which in turn is present in Debian
repositories since 2007, but rgbPaint is only available from Ubuntu.

Could there be an interest in incorporating rgbPaint into DebianEdu?


It was originally aimed at OLPC.

Very recently I set up a system with Debian LXDE for my two
young nephews, and I found rgbPaint to be an excellent beginning
instead of heading straight into mtPaint. After producing a 
complementary mo-file for Swedish, which is lacking in the original
software, I tried it with a tablet and it works charmingly well.

I am somewhat inclined to adapt the Ubuntu packaging for Debian,
being a DM myself, but wanted to make sure I would not be interfering
in any way with DebianEdu, which I consider to be the natural place
for software like mtPaint and rgbPaint. There is neither ITA, nor RFP
for rgbPaint, as far as I could establish the situation.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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