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Re: dvd space issues


On Samstag, 6. November 2010, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > splitted DVDs
> > - less useful for people installing amd64, which according to
> >   popcon.skolelinux.org are 5% of our users
> Is this because the amd64 servers installed from dVD would have to get
> amd64 LTSP chroots, or something else?  Ie why is it "less useful"?

no, I ment: this only affects 5% of our userbase^wpopcon installations. 
Assuming amd64 users also have i386, it's maybe 3% (users).

> Did you take into account the logistical advantages of a combined DVD
> that were missing in your list?

Yes, I want to think of the "Skolelinux install DVD" as the "Debian i386 
DVD" ;-) That's my long term goal.

I also envision 100 other installation media.

As I see it we waste a lot of energy to gain a bit space (on a dual-arch 
medium), while we could easily solve this differently.

And as agreed on IRC, I'll set up single arch DVDs (and keep the multi arch 
DVD), and we'll see from there.


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