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Re: dvd space issues

Le 03/11/2010 15:14, Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
[Jürgen Leibner]
One point here is for sure, that people do only know that about
packages, they use for their own No one alone is in my opinion able
to say for every package, if it is useless or not. This is what
every user should decide for his own purpose of use


To raise the quality of the project we need to be brave enough to
actually select the packages we believe in and drop the others,

I really don't understand this point of view. Just like Steve Jobs : "We know, what you need"

save all the schools the time

Schools save time in network services brought by DebianEdu. And that could be enhanced. Not by choosing for others what is good for them. Network services are not in Debian installation. It's the reason why DebianEdu is important.

to do the same evaluation individually.
Schools with only a few hours every week to do system administration
do not have time to look throught 30k packages to see if there is
anything interesting in the Debian archive.

That's information. It can be found in several sites. We have several in France :
Others must exist.

And teachers are not stupid and/or alone. They have there own social networks to know what to use.


Louis-Maurice De Sousa

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