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Re: Can the fluid-soundfont-gm recommend on fluid-soundfont-gs be changed to suggests?

2010/3/15 Toby Smithe <tsmithe@ubuntu.com>:
> I'm sorry this is so late coming; I've been rather busy with school.
> I'm currently updating my pbuilder environment to build and test the
> new package. My internet connection is incredibly slow today, so I
> hope to be able to upload the updated version to mentors tomorrow or
> Wednesday.

My connection remains slow, so I have been unable to upload to
mentors. As I will have no internet access for around ten days
beginning Monday, I have uploaded the dsc and diff.gz to [1].

[1] http://people.ubuntu.com/~tsmithe/fluid-soundfont/

Thanks for your help,

Toby Smithe :: http://tsmithe.net

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