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Re: server-questions


Jürgen Leibner schrieb:

I think disabling roaming profiles isn't necessary, i will disable ldap-authentification on clients, because
they have it's own local account.

You are talking about windows machines here, aren't you?
On Netbooks we will have only Linux (i hope i can assure everybody
....). Windows only on clients (double-boot), until there is an support
from Microsoft for WindowsXP

and password while accessing the tjener's shares.
Therefore it would be helpfull but not nessesary to be in the workgroup 'skolelinux'. All over all are there a lot of pitfalls, because of the networking settings of the clients, which have to be adjusted to fit to the skolelinux ones. And if your pupils are root (Administrator) and can fiddle around everywhere in the windows settings, I wish you a happy lesson :)
What do you believe about our pupils :-)  . But up to know, on our
clients (in our old network, "none skolelinux") we use
PC-sheriffs/HD-guards (Wächterkarten) and
all users have administration-rights (i did *not* invent this). But it
isn't that big problem.

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