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Re: server-questions

Jürgen Leibner schrieb:
On Sunday 07 February 2010 12:52 Martin Schulte wrote:
i will setup an skolelinux-network in Easter break. But there is an
bigger project in 2011. We will offer netbooks (ASUS eee) to our
sixth former. At first 80 and if everything goes well, in 2012 to
every one (nearly 300).  So i think we need an extra fileserver (or
two or three) which stores some of the private diskspace, ( i mean
/skole/tjener/home0/* folders, we don't want to offer roaming
profiles (is this the english name for getting your personal
home-directory on every client? in german i call it sth. like
"rambling home-directory's" - so i hope you know what i mean) for
this netbooks, only an access to their own files on tjener. )
I think, only to mount an filesystem from another server to
/skole/tjener/home0 is no good way, because the traffic will also
continue over the eth0 of tjener. Does someone knows a pretty good
HowTo for this problem ? Is eisfair a good solution?

You should read our realy good documentation over all but maybe to satisfy you first read this:

One point there is, that we use by default roaming profiles in skolelinux. Another is how to disable it.

We use roaming profiles for our PCs/workstations and no roaming profiles for the netbooks. On the netbooks, the pupils will have an root-account to make everything they want (it's there own netbook for this time, they lease it from an external firm). But when they access our wlan, they should have an access to their home-directory's on tjener (or an NAT). I think disabling roaming profiles isn't necessary, i will disable ldap-authentification on clients, because they have it's own local account. But i think, the /skole/tjener/home0/-directory has to be on a NAT or something and it will be no problem, to have access from the netbooks. The problem is, how to tell tjener, while login on a workstation, the home-folder of user xy is on <IP_of_fileserver>/skole/tjener/home0/xy . And more difficult, when we will use two fileserver.

We also need an extra webserver, because there will be some
application running over the intranet, with multiple access. My first
thought: i would set a link into the html sourcecode of the
/etc/debian-edu/www/index.html to the second webserver.

There is a profile for installing a 'minimal' machine on which you can configure and realise what you want to.

Thanks, martin

Greetings, Jürgen Leibner

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