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RE: (howto) adding better support for a specific language

Apologies for joining in the discussion that late.
I was out of office for an extended weekend at fjord country with lovely
company ;) And didn't want mail to distract me :)

Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, Holger Levsen wrote:
>> On Sonntag, 26. April 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:
>>> Have you ever talked to the DDTP team whether hebrew support is
>>> possible? 
>> Please check http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-8 - displays nicely
>> here :) 
> And I in turn fail to see the relation between a Hebrew Wikipedia page
> and Debian package descriptions translated to Hebrew.
>> Hebrew is supported since Etch, including but obviously not limited
>> to the installer.
> Sure.  But Debian is not only the installer.  Do we have package
> descriptions translated to Hebrew?  Does any package installation
> frontend like synaptic, aptitude or plain apt support Hebrew
> translations? 
>> I fail to understand what DDTP has to do with better supporting a
>> language in Debian Edu and why you cc:ed debian-i18n@.
> Because IMHO supporting a language is not only translating installer
> strings and debian-i18n is the list where DDTP people are lurking.  
> I guess we just have a different understanding about "supporting a
> language". 

My views are:

that an Hebrew speaking administrator can't get along without reading
ability in English, what so ever.
Therefore I consider both package descriptions and debconf templates
translations non priority.
I believe internationalized web pages should display fine without any
special support (or at least as long as one has the required fonts

The highest priority are student-users then teachers, which means
applications upstream.
This is beyond the scope of Debian[-Edu], fortunately KDE, Iceweasel and OOO
all support Hebrew pretty well (with the installation of packages pointed to
by Holger).
Other than that I don't know what education software where adopted for

Log-in seems to be a major problem for young kids, as traditionally user
names are in lower case ASCI and these are not even printed on the keyboard.
I tried using Hebrew usernames when I installed Debian for my nephew and
niece but this didn't work well. (any hints?)

Andreas it seems to me that you are probably most apt to point to a tool (or
create one:) that would inform of support status for a given language and an
arbitrary set of debian packages, if such information exists anywhere in
debian (Here again I mean the packaged software not the package).

I also think that the Hebrew translators are doing tremendous work and I
intend to contact them and other Israeli debian people but haven't got round
to it yet.


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