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Re: Install extra-xdg-menus by default for desktop profiles?

El vie, 11-07-2008 a las 13:13 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> [José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> > you have to belong to students or teachers group. If not, a fast
> > hack to work as root is removing the checking at
> > /etc/destkop-profiles/debian-edu-menu.listing to make it work. Don't
> > forget to execute /usr/bin/update-profile-cache before login to
> > force desktop-profiles update it.
> Ah, right.  Added root as a member to students, and got the new menu.
> The "lost and found" entries are gone now.  Got the 'educational' menu
> up, and it look god.  It is missing translations to norwegian bokmål,
> though.  That is an issue we need to address.

For the menu branches, just add it  in the svn at every file at
debian-edu/desktop-directories. I've only put the english, spanish and
in some cases, portuguese translations. For the menu entries, it will
depend on every package desktop file, as education-menu does not install
the .desktop files for the menu entries, you'll have to fill bugs
against the packages you want the menu to be translated.

> Perhaps we should have a way to activate it by default for all users
> on a host, by adding the host into a netgroup?  I suspect it is a good
> idea for larger installations.

Honestly, I don't care, as for larger installations (of Debian Edu) I
suppose all the main users belonging to either students or teachers

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