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Re: Install extra-xdg-menus by default for desktop profiles?

El mié, 09-07-2008 a las 14:32 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> Hi.  In BTS report #489247 I reported a KDE menu entry in 'lost and
> found', and was told that a solution might be to install
> extra-xdg-menus.  It will add a 'Hamradio' and 'Electronics' menu
> section to the KDE menu.  Is this a good idea to do by default?  I do
> not know much about the menu system, but would like the Lenny version
> to have a nice menu. :)
> After adding the package, there are still two menu entries in the
> 'lost and found' submenu, noteedit and tuxpaint. :(

Did you try installing education-menus?

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