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Re: Logo for tasks page (Was: [Announce] New tasks web Bpages for all CDDs)

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

Do you agree that the conflict is on the definition of CDD (your subject
could lead to believe that it was the definition of Skolelinux vs.

Yes.  In my eyes Debian Edu is the Debian internal part (and as such
can be called CDD) and SkoleLinux took over the great work to add what
is missing to turn it into a product that has proven very useful in
schools.  The final goal to include everything is not reached (yet) but
I just regard them as "close enough friends" to not disturb outsiders
with these nitpicking issues.

Do I understand you correctly that you do not care much for that
conflict, as long as the web page is helpful to its visitors?

Yes.  The visitor should get the information that there is a huge
bunch of educational software inside Debian which is properly sorted
into categories.  The optimal situation would be if all descriptions
are translated.  If the visitor just has understand this and is convinced
that Debian provides helpful stuff for his school we might come to
the nitpicking later ...

Or how else should top quote of this email be interpreted?


Kind regards



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