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Re: Logo for tasks page (Was: [Announce] New tasks web Bpages for all CDDs)

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On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 04:19:09PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
>>> SkoleLinux is not (yet) a subset of Debian and thus there are 
>>> conflicting opinions on this.  I personally have a quite pragmatic 
>>> point of view and just would like to support what finally helps 
>>> users.
>> So you think there is a conflict between Debian and Skolelinux, but 
>> your focus is none of those but anyone visiting the web site?
> No, I do absolutely not think that there is a conflict between
> Debian and Skolelinux.

Whoops. Right.

Sorry for twisting way beyond sanity.  That was not intentional, I was 
simply too quick on my keyboard.

I agree that the conflict you refer to is on multiple definitions on 
some web pages.

> I just wrote that the definitions stated on the two wiki pages are 
> conflicting that means at least one of this pages has to be fixed - 
> IMHO the DebianEdu page.

Do you agree that the conflict is on the definition of CDD (your subject 
could lead to believe that it was the definition of Skolelinux vs. 

Do I understand you correctly that you do not care much for that 
conflict, as long as the web page is helpful to its visitors?

Or how else should top quote of this email be interpreted?

  - Jonas

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