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Logo for tasks page (Was: [Announce] New tasks web Bpages for all CDDs)

[Just switched subject because it was drifted away from the original topic.
 The question is, what would be a proper Logo for Debian Edu.]

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

  5) Visitors of the web site

or to fit above style:

    5) Users of web browsers (like computer users and robots)

... which actually visit this web page.

SkoleLinux is not (yet) a subset of Debian and thus there are
conflicting opinions on this.  I personally have a quite pragmatic
point of view and just would like to support what finally helps users.

So you think there is a conflict between Debian and Skolelinux, but your
focus is none of those but anyone visiting the web site?

No, I do absolutely not think that there is a conflict between
Debian and Skolelinux.  Rather the contrary because the Skolelinux
have understood that it makes no sense to fork Debian and try to
integrate but did not really finished this process.  I just wrote
that the definitions stated on the two wiki pages are conflicting
that means at least one of this pages has to be fixed - IMHO the
DebianEdu page.

Kind regards


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