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Re: Project idea for developer - check and clean up the default menu

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
I've already filled a bug in kde to change edutainment by education.
When using education-menu package I removed it to education. In this
case ktouch and blinken go to the "Education->Miscellaneous" branch.
As you said Miscellaneous is not very intuitive for children. In spanish
I translated it to "Varios", maybe in english it should be renamed to
"stuff" or something like that. A native english speaker could find a
better way
"various" would work in english also. "Other" might be better.
I also wonder if the items from Games should instead be in Education. (why is Gcompris in Games, but Blinken in Education, for example?)

On December I sent to this list
the link http://linex.educarex.es/menus/ where videos of kde and gnome
before and after education-menus is installed are shown. Reading this
mail thread, I feel that nobody has tested or watched them :(

I watched them!

I have another menu complaint. In gnome, the separate menu for admin and preferences is quite good. In KDE we have four sections, of which I always have to look through at least two before I find what I want. I am referring to "settings", "system", "utilities", and another "settings". Utilities is actually quite sensible, except that konsole isn't in there. The others are just frustrating. This is probably a plain KDE issue rather than Debian Edu, right?



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