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Re: Project idea for developer - check and clean up the default menu

El vie, 30-05-2008 a las 08:53 +0900, nigel barker escribió:
> On a related note,
> "edutainment" and "miscellaneous" are the menus that have to be 
> negociated to get to something like blinken or ktouch. These "words" 
> (edutainment doesn't even exist - try expaining that to a grade 1 
> students working in his second language) are far too long and difficult.
> cheers

I've already filled a bug in kde to change edutainment by education.
When using education-menu package I removed it to education. In this
case ktouch and blinken go to the "Education->Miscellaneous" branch.
As you said Miscellaneous is not very intuitive for children. In spanish
I translated it to "Varios", maybe in english it should be renamed to
"stuff" or something like that. A native english speaker could find a
better way.

Maybe, I'm speaking too much about the education-menus package, but it
solves most ot the things some of the people have told in this thread.
It uses desktop-profiles, so making a new structure for, let's say 4-7
years old children is really easy, not needing to use kiosk or sabayon,
being the same menu structure compatible for gnome, kde, xfce, or any
other freedesktop.org compliant desktop. On December I sent to this list
the link http://linex.educarex.es/menus/ where videos of kde and gnome
before and after education-menus is installed are shown. Reading this
mail thread, I feel that nobody has tested or watched them :(


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