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Re: Best way to install Java JAR files (java packaging)

And a 100% free subset of GeoGebra is exactly what we do not want! This would lead to a situation where a Debian user creates a webpage (out of GeoGebra) and he gets an unsigned jar which will be pushed to the Internet. This will make others deny the access which is not acceptable to us. (Besides currently the Java license does prohibit it to reach main, but this might change soon.)

So I still think the only way to go is to put into non-free...

Best Regards,

On 28.05.2008, at 18:46, RalfGesellensetter wrote:

Am Montag 26 Mai 2008 schrieb Antonio Ullan:
Some months ago, I was working on ITP for geogebra
(http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=447584  (now RFP)
and then I knew some important issues about geogebra License.

Dear Antonio,

I asked the author of geogebra (Markus H.) about the backgrounds of
these problems. Very quickly I received a polite and quite
comprehensive reply. Let me try to paraphrase its contents:

GeoGebra is mostly GPL, but all language files are licensed under CC- NC
(cf. http://www.geogebra.org/download/license.txt). Another point is
that it is necessary to sign JAR files in order to feature them as
WebStart-Applications. But it is not possible to publish the
corresponding signatures in the CVS.

Nevertheless, the developers are open towards developers who like to
contribute or join the team. Packaging however can (as stated above)
only be done by the core team itself. It is Yves Kreis (yves at g.o)
who makes the Linux installer, he is the one to address for Debian

(So far the content of Markus's mail.)

The availability of a WebStart link is quite comfortable and questions
the necessarity of a local installation. However, offline learners
would certainly appreciate the existance of a non-web version.

To get into Debian-Main, there should be 100% free subeset of Geogebra
(no language files, no Webstart signatures) that can be compiled by
anybody, shouldn't it?

Kind regards

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