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Re: Best way to install Java JAR files (java packaging)

Am Mittwoch 28 Mai 2008 schrieb Yves Kreis:
> And a 100% free subset of GeoGebra is exactly what we do not want!  
> This would lead to a situation where a Debian user creates a webpage
>   (out of GeoGebra)

Dear Yves,

thank you for replying that fast. Please excuse me if I was not precise 
enough: The subset I was thinking of
- should be a subset in terms of sources
- should not be web application, but
- should be a offline application JAR, 
  to be run by "java -jar Geogebra.jar".

This way, no certificates are needed - and offline users are 
served as well.

Is this something that makes sense to you?

Thank you very much,

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