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Re: Desktop profiles

El jue, 22-05-2008 a las 15:29 +0200, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
> On Thursday 22 May 2008, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> > No file is copied or modified in the user  home directory in no case. As
> > I said before, 
> > once the user gconf database is created there is (almost) no way to
> > automatically change the user appearance. It can be done, but it's not
> > very ellegant or clean, so I would not do it, even if it could be
> > activated with some global file setting. 
> Untrue (that's the beauty of stacking configuration sources):
> to _force_ a new user appearance you merely need to set those changes in 
> a "mandatory configuration source" (i.e. it has a higher priority then the 
> user configuration source).

I also know this, but I don't want to do it, I don't want to force the
configuration of an user who already has his own configuration. I don't
think that's ellegant at all.

> If you merely want to have a default user appearance, then you can still 
> change that easily if it's in a sepperate configuration source, though it 
> that case anything the user has overwritten will take preference.
> The key to not having any conflicts is to make sure that each agent has (at 
> least) one configuration source to call it's own that nobody else messes 
> with. Debian Edu (or any other agent) then always knows what the state of 
> it's configuration source is, and can thus change it without running into 
> unexpected surprises:
> This gives the following sources (any of which may be empty of settings):
> - the default system wide one, fille by Debian package defaults
> - the debian-edu one, for whatever package defaults debian-edu wants to
>   override
> - a school-specific one, for whatever the admin at the school might want to
>   override
> - the user one

Only replacing default values that the user has not customized might be
valid from my point of view (and even in this case I doubt). That can
be done in the debian-edu layer.  Something similar is how  kde
configuration is done in debian edu and I don't like it (in this case
it's still worse as it modifies an ini file in /etc, maybe KDE doesn't
allow stacking configurations, I don't know)

Anyway, technically, it seems clear how to do it. My concern is mainly a
question of Debian Edu policy: is it logical to think that who installs
debian-edu-artwork wants to have that artwork for all the new users or
only for those who are teachers or students? 

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