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Re: Which of the Extramadura applications are missing in Debian?

[Andreas Tille]
> The above was realised by adding apropriate entries in
>    tasks/{physics,language,mathematics}
> and after commiting the changes calling

Very good.  But to avoid surprises with the CD and DVD building, I
recommend not using 'depends' with the initial entry.  Please add new
packages using the 'Ignore' header first.  It will put it on our
radar, but avoid it pushing higher priority packages off the CD.
Next, when the package is found to be a good one, it can be updated to
Suggests or Recommends.  Suggested packages are not installed by
default, but are mentioned in the meta packages, while recommended
packages are installed automatically and need tuning of the
partitioning if the disk space requirements changed.  Finally, the
most important packages, the ones that should always be installed and
that should fight for the tigth space on the CDs, should be listed
using the Depends header.

So, to summarize, add new packages using Ignore, and upgrade them
throught the path Ignore->Suggests->Recommends->Depends according to
their priority, and make sure packages listed with the latter two have
enough disk space in the partman rules.  :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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