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Re: Which of the Extramadura applications are missing in Debian?

El vie, 09-05-2008 a las 09:20 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> Can someone that understand Spanish and English, extract the list of
> local applications from
> <URL:http://linexedu.educarex.es/index.php/Portada> and see which of
> these packages are currently in Debian Etch and Lenny, and which is
> missing?  I would like to see the complete list of packages, as well
> as the status of each package in Debian.
> We should make an effort to get the remaining packages included in
> Debian before Lenny freezes in little more than a month.

Part of the work is already done. The packages from that list that are
not Debian packages are listed in

I've worked in several of them, but there are others that:
a) Can not go into Debian due to license problems (hotpotatoes as an
b) As I am the only person who's working on it, I'm totally overloaded
c) I'm not an expert on every technology, so some of the packages that
might require a lot of work are far from my capabilities.

So, in brief, these are the most interesting packages that are still
- ejs (a physics simulator, gpl, java made) I know that Pablo Pita is
working on it, but the progress is really slow as he is now learning to
package, so I'm sure he needs help.
-malted (a languages content generator application for language
teachers, gpl, java made)
- geogebra: Antonio Ullán worked on it, but upstream collaboration was
almost null, they claim it's gpl, but the build.xml file needed to build
all the stuff using ant is not provided. Maybe some german spoken and
java expert person could contact again upstream, trying to get better
- Two maths interactive books that are made using squeak. If etoys (3
weeks waiting in NEW) is accepted, these could go easily behind.
- Two applications made in flash, very interesting to teach reading and
english to small children, using the doman method.

For the rest, they are "less" needed as they are very specific, but I
think it would be sad loosing the applications from above. They all are
really interesting for education. They all (except the squeak books) are
also in english, so they can be useful for a lot of people.


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