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Bind Debian Workstation to Skolelinux NFS/LDAP

Dear readers,

having followed this list quite a while,
I remember people giving directions on how to 
connect a non-skolelinux client to our Tjener. [1]

AFAIR, all cases dealt with foreign distros.
IMO it should be straight forward to provide
an official manual how to include mainstream
Debian clients as workstation to a Skolelinux network.

Benefits are easy to understand:
- We are a CDD and hence give official support to Debian
- Users can chose to install Debian Lenny after release.
- Debian derivates and forks will understand that it is 
  good to stick to Debian techniques

Additionally, this information could be used when we roll out labs using 
FAI or other Debian compliant deploy systems (any experience/ 
documentations in this area?)

In case I have missed this manual, give me an URL and 
take my sorry for exchange ;)

Kind regards

P.S.: I understand that automatisation of the integration process 
violates the policy of debian packages. What else could be done to make 
this integration usable for low-level admins? Scripting?

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2005/11/msg00064.html

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