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Re: New XOLiveCD 080321

Hola José, ¿qué cuentas? ;)

Am Mittwoch 26 März 2008 schrieb José L. Redrejo Rodríguez:
> Just two small questions:
> - why so much resolution is required to test it if the XO has lower
> resolution?

Despite the small size of the XO screen, there is no other notebook with 
higher resolution: 200 dpi are print quality - there has been done a 
lot of R&D to provide a low-cost high-tech hardware that is resistant 
to dirt, rain shower and shock proof.

Hopefully this answers the question #1.
Did you know BTW that you can attach analogue sensors to the micro jack?
There are 10-cent-pressure meters under design.
Quite revolutionary for science lessons if pupils can monitor their 
personal experiments.


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