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Re: How important is "Architecture: any" (Was: Downloads things, ...)


On Saturday 01 March 2008 15:47, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > Either we make the package arch: any, and build on some or all archs,
> > or we make it arch: all, and stop building on more than one arch.  I
> > believe you are discussing which list of architectures to support if
> > it isn't arch: all, while at least I believed Andreas to discuss if we
> > should convert the package to arch: all.

Well, appearantly the package is indeed arch all, but builds a different 
package if build on different archs, which I consider a bug - or this is 
cleverly worked around by allways building a package modelled for i386 but 
labelled arch all ;)

> Yep.  If we have arch all we will end up with some missing Recommends
> on certain not so good suported architectures.  The question is whether
> missing recommends will trigger bug reports or not.  

They will. Maybe not today, maybe not not even in Debian Edu, but then 
eventuelly in Debian Med or somewhere else.

> IMHO they should not 
> be RC but I would not like to have unfixable bugs even with lower
> priority.

Yup :)


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