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Re: How important is "Architecture: any" (Was: Downloads things, ...)

On Sun, 2 Mar 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:

Well, appearantly the package is indeed arch all, but builds a different
package if build on different archs, which I consider a bug - or this is
cleverly worked around by allways building a package modelled for i386 but
labelled arch all ;)

This was exactly the behaviour of cdd-dev before arch any was requested
to build Debian-Edu packages.

Yep.  If we have arch all we will end up with some missing Recommends
on certain not so good suported architectures.  The question is whether
missing recommends will trigger bug reports or not.

They will. Maybe not today, maybe not not even in Debian Edu, but then
eventuelly in Debian Med or somewhere else.

IMHO they should not
be RC but I would not like to have unfixable bugs even with lower

Yup :)

Well, interesting that you agree, but what is now the solution you
suggest to implement?

Kind regards



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