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Re: Bug#467650: debian-edu: Downloads things, does not clean up after itself.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 04:21:17PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
>>> Petter and me tried to clarify this also as a feature and not
>>> a bug.  So I would regard this point as void and would like
>>> to close the bug.  If you don't think so please speak up now.
>> It doesnt seem to work, according to the original bug report...
> Well, the original reporter raised three different points in
> his bug report (filed three times :-() and I wonder which point
> he regards as grave and especially why.  If the reporter does
> not answer questistions about his report I would downgrade
> and set "moreinfo" tag at least.

I had some problems with mail getting to me.  Things are now slowly
being processed.  I can't really follow everything that's happened
with this.

>From what I understand so far:

cdd-dev would get a Depends on apt.  I'm perfectly happy with that.
I would consider that part of the bug to be serious.

It's just downloading Packages files, while I thought it was actually
downloading .deb's file.  I clearly didn't properly read the build log.
I don't have a problem with this part anymore.  But I would like to
suggest you use whatever is currently on the system (in
/var/lib/apt/lists/).  I don't see why you need to download it again.

I think someone also cloned it to say it doesn't work if there is no
network.  That's probably a bug in cdd-dev then, and would also be

I have a problem with package that leave things behind after they've
been removed and purged, or have build something.  But I can't say
that this is considered to be RC.  Using the Packages file from the
system would also solve that problem.


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