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Re: Bug#467650: debian-edu: Downloads things, does not clean up after itself.

On Sat, 1 Mar 2008, Kurt Roeckx wrote:

I had some problems with mail getting to me.  Things are now slowly
being processed.  I can't really follow everything that's happened
with this.

Ahh, OK, thanks for clarifying this.

cdd-dev would get a Depends on apt.  I'm perfectly happy with that.
I would consider that part of the bug to be serious.

It's just downloading Packages files, while I thought it was actually
downloading .deb's file.  I clearly didn't properly read the build log.
I don't have a problem with this part anymore.  But I would like to
suggest you use whatever is currently on the system (in
/var/lib/apt/lists/).  I don't see why you need to download it again.

Well, it is not necessarily the Packages file of the system you
are using to build the package.  For instance if you are building
in pbuilder you have proably the list of packages in unstable.
If you want to have the control file builded to add only Recommends
to packages that are available in testing (which makes perfectly
sense and is used in this way) - you need to download a packages
file from testing.

I think someone also cloned it to say it doesn't work if there is no
network.  That's probably a bug in cdd-dev then, and would also be

OK.  You need network to download something - but I partly agree
with you that this is not really a good solution.  I worked over
last weekend on the issue you raised and found a solution that
solves this problem in so far, that the information we need is
stored in the debian-edu package source before the package is
builded and there will be no need for download any more.  The
current solution has the side effect that we might produce architecture
any packages that Recommend packages which are avialbale in i386.
This will most probably lead to bugs "package recommends packages
not available for this architecture" sooner or later.  In case
it will be later I have a longer term plan how to fix this.  In
case it is sooner we have to live with these not so serious bug to
fix the serious one reportet by you.

I have a problem with package that leave things behind after they've
been removed and purged, or have build something.  But I can't say
that this is considered to be RC.

OK.  This problem will automatically vanish anyway.

Using the Packages file from the
system would also solve that problem.

It would not have solved this but that's no matter any more.

Thanks for your input



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