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Re: (N)X2Go - LowBandwith sessions for takeaway incl. sound

Hola Heinz-M. Graesing!

El 28/02/2008 a las 17:07 escribiste:
> This is an update of the running discussion about a possible
> integration of x2go in skolelinux.

The main problem with NX is that its sources include the whole XFree86,
ssh, and samba sources, with some changes to fill their needs.
How does x2go manage those issues?

As I see it, x2go is too dependent of a particular configuration, which
makes it very difficult to implement in other environments. I would like
to use the low bandwith X connection without the need to redo my ldap
directories, or have KDE running in my server, and of course I don't
want to have any bloat in the clients.

Will x2go be modular enough to support this use case?

Maximiliano Curia
Área de Sistemas

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