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Re: Doubts and question about the merging of LinEx in Debian Edu

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:

I fully agree with you if you're thinking of using the computers to
technical literacy, but, at least for us, the computers are in the
classrooms as a tool for teaching. In some degrees there is a computer
related subject, but they're there mostly to teach languages, maths,
history, geography, etc.

Perhaps you should point people to


to explain what you mean when you are talking about computers in
schools.  People outside of Extremadura normally think about computer
cabinets to teach students computer sciences.  Using computers in
other subjects is far from normal but it explains why you want
some stable desktop layout to teach other things than learning
to use a computer.

(It also explains that you do not need Samba. ;-))

Kind regards



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