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BTS on tjener?

Dear list,

for quite a while, I plan to set up a feedback system for members of our 
school to collect local issues. 

First idea was a wiki, but my impression is, that most teachers find it 
as hard to use as me getting it installed :>

I also started a Moodle project, but there was hardly any response.

Now I consider the use of a bugzilla system, at least to be used by the 
technical core team. This would help us track open tasks, dates of 1st 
occurance/solution, response times and so on.

Therefor I ask you all if there is similar approaches at other schools; 
if so: what experiences are there?

Last issue: running a tjener 2.0, I ever failed to set up the mail 
server to work globally, until now. Reading some manuals on exim and 
debian makes me shrug. So, is there any howto - or could we just add a 
script like "debian-edu-mailserver-ctl work-global".


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