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Re: icon attack!


On Friday 30 November 2007 09:23, Steffen Joeris wrote:
> Every new update of the debian-edu-config package would override changes
> done to /usr/share/debian-edu/$kde_profiles .

And this is what kiosktool modifies? 

Isn't then kiosktool rc-buggy?

> Thus, your personal customisation of these profiles will be lost.
> If you do not like the kiosk profiles at all, then I suggest
> editing "/etc/kde-user-profile" and removing the kiosk profiles there for
> good. If you want your own one, then I suggest creating a different profile
> under "/usr/share/debian-edu" and specifiying it in "/etc/kderc"
> and "/etc/kde-user-profile" . In practise, I think we should have more
> profiles and an easy mode to switch between them, but that requires
> additional work.

In practice, upgrades should not change customisations done by the local 


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