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Re: icon attack!


> >> I updated one of my ltspservers yesterday, and it has started putting a
> >> load of icons onto everyone's desktop, even though I had removed them
> >> all with the kiosk tool. I thought configurations weren't overwritten?
Every new update of the debian-edu-config package would override changes done 
to /usr/share/debian-edu/$kde_profiles .
Thus, your personal customisation of these profiles will be lost.
If you do not like the kiosk profiles at all, then I suggest 
editing "/etc/kde-user-profile" and removing the kiosk profiles there for 
good. If you want your own one, then I suggest creating a different profile 
under "/usr/share/debian-edu" and specifiying it in "/etc/kderc" 
and "/etc/kde-user-profile" . In practise, I think we should have more 
profiles and an easy mode to switch between them, but that requires 
additional work.


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