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icon attack!

I updated one of my ltspservers yesterday, and it has started putting a load of icons onto everyone's desktop, even though I had removed them all with the kiosk tool. I thought configurations weren't overwritten?

Those icons are really cluttering the desktop, and in any case are not appropriate for all ages. Some of my older kids have carefully laid-out patterns of icons, and weren't happy to have it covered in "icon graffiti". "What's this educational suite g-compris anyway?" someone said. Some of the younger kids couldn't find the USB icon I had made for them (it was there, but they couldn't find it among the clutter).

IMO the default should be no icons, then let the schools put the ones they want. (Actually just Trash and Change Password would be good).

Is there a good reason for apps to have desktop icons? Let's teach kids good habits and to use the menu and panel. I recently gave a grade 6 student a CD with open office to install on windows at home. She came back and said "it said it was installed, but I couldn't find where to click". That's basic computer illiteracy (no icon on desk = app doesn't exist). We have to do better than that.

just my preference. of course I understand there are other views.



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