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Re: terminology

[Ralf Gesellensetter]
> Mh, I still see Debian Edu as roofing project name, and if you
> suggest to introduce local names for regional groups, I can't
> object. For me, "Schullinux" sounds crappy, famous names like
> "Sokrates" are more en vogue in these regions.

We have always had the situation where local names were accepted and
allowed, and I believe we should keep it that way.  When we merged
Skolelinux with Debian Edu, we decided to keep the Skolelinux name
here in Norway, while using Debian Edu internationally, as the
Skolelinux brand was then, and still is, a strong one here in Norway.

The Germans were told they would pick their own name, or use Debian
Edu or Skolelinux, and as far as I understood, they decided to use
Skolelinux also in Germany.  Later when the french group joined, they
were given the same message, and they too decided to stick to

One of the reasons for giving this option, is to allow a local area to
find a name that represent "school" or at least give associations to
schools, and "skole" works here in Norway, while I expect it will fail
to bring the same association in Iraq, India and Japan. :)

The debian sub-project will of course still be called Debian Edu, no
matter what branding is used in different countries.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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