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Re: terminology

Dear Nigel,

Am Freitag 23 November 2007 schrieb nigel barker:
> I think Ralf should summarise this thread, then we can adjust the
> release statement accordingly ;)

thanks for the flowers, but I am not the one to do so, I feel.
> When projects merge, don't they usually do it under a common name?
> Skolelinux, LinEx, Debian-Edu. What if others join?

It will get a huge salad bowl. How about Edumergelinux.......

> The name skolelinux doesn't seem to appear in the package names or
> iso images. I am fine with any name (Debian is a well known name with
> a reputation for reliability, however), I just don't like the
> inconsistent jumbling up of names that make it look confusing to
> outsiders.

Mh, I still see Debian Edu as roofing project name, and if you suggest 
to introduce local names for regional groups, I can't object. For 
me, "Schullinux" sounds crappy, famous names like "Sokrates" are more 
en vogue in these regions.
> And I think its best to avoid the mandrake + conectiva = mandriva
> type thing also.

So this is an objection against SkoLinex (what a pitty!)
> How about localised names? SchoolLinux, LinuxEcole, etc. Is that
> ridiculous?

Not really, but see above. 
> If you called it ubuntu-edu, the number of adopting schools might
> triple overnight.

So you agree that is just the "name" that makes the hype? Do you 
remember the hype about "Zeta"? The world is longing for a new OS that 
has no X in its name. How about any other Greek letter, then? Most will 
be in use, however, as I feel. Digamma is maybe less used, as it has 
vanished during the past centuries.


Further obsolete Greek letters:
  Ϙϙ Qoppa
  Ϛϛ Stigma  
  Ϡϡ Sampi
  Ϻϻ San  
  Ϸϸ Sho

How about Katakana?

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