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Re: Are we ready to release 3.0r1?

Hi Petter

Am Sonntag 25 November 2007 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> I have not paid attention to your request for kpdf and kde-addons,
> but I do notice that both kpdf and kdeaddons are on the DVD, pulled
> in by the kde package which is suggested by education-desktop-kde.
>  Is this not enough?

Okay, thanks, maybe something went wrong with my installation of Etch - 
as a matter of fact, I had to install them by hand.

My suggestions refered to PR material like flyers (!= debian-edu-doc).
I will start a wiki page "DebianEduInAction" (better suggestions?) to 
collect pictures of students using Skolelinux labs.

Kind regards

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