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Re: debian-edu-client.Mdeb (WAS Re: debian-edu + edubuntu?)

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Am Donnerstag 22 November 2007 schrieb nigel barker:
It would be nice if multiple debian-based choices would interoperate.
It seems edubuntu want to do their own thing, however.

On a mere technical base: What I understand here is:

- all debian based distros could be "saved" if there was a simple
  debian package "debian-edu-client" that sets up everything needed
  to authenticate against tjener and mount NFS shares
- this kind of package cannot exist according to debian policy
  as it had to touch configuration matters that must not be
  touched by packages.
there is a packages that does that It's called education-networked. Ofcouse you must also tweak your config into your partiqular setup, we do that so we have a working system out of the box, by using the config files in debian-edu-config.

This dialectic leads to the synthesis or sublation:
- either the debian policy needs to be adapted - or it needs an extension: how about master packages (we have udeb - so
  why not Mdeb) that have more power and freedom because they can touch
  any file on your disk. Of course, to install them you must be Mroot
  (or member of god/GID=-1).
We realy do not want to mess with the debian policy. the policy is there to make sure you can upgrade seamlessly from sarge->etch->lenny. Today we realy do have upgrade problems becouse of the way we do touch config files. I think we are doing it the correct way, By writing bugs on the packages to make them easier to configure properly.


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