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Re: debian-edu + edubuntu?

Ronny Aasen wrote:
RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Hi Nigel,

Am Mittwoch 21 November 2007 schrieb nigel barker:
I used edubuntu for a while before etch. The application software was
much better.

May I replace "better" by "more recent"? Or could you otherwise explain, what was better?

of course that's what I mean.

The nice thing about free and open interfaces is that you can chose whatever you like most in each position. One of Skolelinux's strenghths is that it provides an all-in-one system. That's just perfect for schools where there is no experienced GNU/Linux administrator.

Skolelinux is fantastic. That's why I chose it over edubuntu and k12ltsp for my school. I already had my own ltsp setup. It was the all-in one system I needed.

But we also make use of (even closed) interfaces when we try to integrate Windows clients (using Samba). As long as Ubuntu or whatever distribution follows the interfaces provided by our tjener, why should we object against integrating whatever machine?
I'm not objecting at all. I wanted to integrate edubuntu into a skolelinux network a year or more ago. When I asked about it on the edubuntu list, someone replied about schools not wanting to run two distros. In my experience, Windows integrates much better into skolelinux than edubuntu does. This is frustrating for two projects that are supposed to be cooperating.

P.S.: As for the edUbuntu question: I can understand any criticism - and, yes, there is a lot of work done twice. But in the end, *buntu sells (not only on DELLs) - and

they don't sell it. They will even post you a free CD if you ask.

we should not "salt" our criticism with envy. Very ambivalent topic - no consent in sight. In a talk held by Oliver Grawert on Edubuntu during LinuxTag 2006, Oliver (major developer of Edubuntu) started refering to Skolelinux as the "S-Class" of school servers). So, they are still "after us". As we have an agreement of cooperation, we should be able to settle down apt interfaces. And some of "our" applications (e.g. Stopmotion) should consider to reference "Skolelinux" directly within their info dialogue.

I dont' think it's criticism, or envy. My question was mearly a attempth to get more user feedback. what is wanted ? why is it wanted ? and how can we support that need.

So if someone found a itch that edubuntu scratched for them . I'd like to know what the itch was. Ofcourse not all things can be solved in Debian Edu. so it's a good thing that there are multiple choises for a school.

I agree with you, Ronny, and with what Andreas has also said in this thread.
Edubuntu has no central server or diskless workstations. However, they do sound and local devices in a way which seems to work more reliably. It would be nice if multiple debian-based choices would interoperate. It seems edubuntu want to do their own thing, however.

I guess we should put more energy into http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/UserSurvey so we are not compleatly running around with blindfold on.

edubuntu has a lot of momentum. its not a case of what's lacking from skolelinux. its like people buying ipods no matter how much better your mp3 player is.


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