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Re: debian-edu-client.Mdeb (WAS Re: debian-edu + edubuntu?)

El jue, 22-11-2007 a las 16:35 +0100, RalfGesellensetter escribió:
> Am Donnerstag 22 November 2007 schrieb nigel barker:
> > It would be nice if multiple debian-based choices would interoperate.
> > It seems edubuntu want to do their own thing, however.
> On a mere technical base: What I understand here is:
> - all debian based distros could be "saved" if there was a simple
>   debian package "debian-edu-client" that sets up everything needed
>   to authenticate against tjener and mount NFS shares

Not totally sure, as time goes by, Ubuntu is everyday more different
from Debian. I would not be very surprised if quite soon its ldap, dns,
nfs, ltsp packages have config files or options that are not compatible
with any other Debian derivative. 

> - this kind of package cannot exist according to debian policy
>   as it had to touch configuration matters that must not be
>   touched by packages.

right if you think of a package that automagically does it, but some
other "legal" aproaches can be used. If your sentence were true, no one
configuration frontend tool could exist. Let's think of
gnome-system-tools or kcontrol, the user can choose an option and the
application changes configuration files, not only for a user but for the
whole system...
So a package with an application that using cfengine, puppet or even
bash, awk or perl scripts to set up the client could be done. But I'm
not sure this effort is worth if once again other people diverge more
and more from the Debian way... If the application finally will only
work on Debian we already have our Debian Edu packages...

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