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Re: debian-edu + edubuntu?

I used edubuntu for a while before etch. The application software was much better. Since etch its the same, but edubuntu seems to have sound working more often on the thin clients. Plus usb drives pop up on the desktop rather than having to be sought - good for primary kids (that might be a kde - gnome thing is it?) On the other hand, I failed to ever integrate edubuntu into the skolelinux network properly, even after following the links here (which are old now - edubuntu has moved on 4 or 5 releases.) Kids had to mount their home via samba. I still use edubuntu on some workstations where debian doesn't work with the hardware.

edubuntu is getting to the point of implementing a tjener. they already have some scripts and howtos. It seems to be very popular nowadays, and attracting a lot of people from k12ltsp. I have mentioned before that skolelinux seems to be unknown by these people, even though it offers a much more mature school-wide setup. that's a great shame I think.

I don't understand why the two projects move along in parallel, when they could complement each other so well. After all, its all debian under the hood.


Ronny Aasen wrote:
Andreas Tille wrote:
On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Klaus Ade Johnstad wrote:

Have anyone tried/succeded to setup a debian-edu as main server and
edubuntu as ltsp server(s)? any feedback would be great
Several, have a look at
Just for the sake of interest (without having visited the pages above):
If Edubuntu has some interesting feature (LTSP server) that is obviosely
interesting for users, wouldn't it be reasonable to include this feature
in Debian-Edu natively?

Sorry for asking possibly stupid questions


I am also interested in learning why edubuntu is considered. what does
it bring that the ltsp server profile in debian-edu s missing ?
and are there wishlist bugs filed for those features.


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