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TCOS (was Re: wirless thin clients with TCOS)

On Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 06:03:09PM +0100, mariodebian wrote:
> El sáb, 17-11-2007 a las 15:22 +0100, Holger Levsen escribió:
> > On Wednesday 14 November 2007 16:17, mariodebian wrote:

> > > Do you thing is better to create a big LTSP patch?
> > 
> > Small patches (one per feature) usually work better :)

i'd think mostly all you'd need to do is install the
initramfs-tools-tcos package in the LTSP chroot. ideally splitting
initramfs-tools-tcos into the server-side and client-side dependencies.

might need to copy some of the generated files somewhere else where the
tftp server can get them, but i think this wouldn't be hard to

though i realise, this points out a philosophical difference between
tcos and LTSP ... in LTSP, i would want to add TCOS support by
installing it into a chroot built for that purpose, whereas TCOS is
designed to be built using the host system's files.

the advantage with TCOS is you don't have to build an entire environment
just to support thin clients. the advantage of LTSP is you don't have to
install packages on your server that are really only needed for your
thin clients.  because of this, i think it's easier for LTSP to
incorporate TCOS than for TCOS to incorporate LTSP. and probably not
difficult to support both ways.

> > > Debian mentors packages are obsolete but in TCOS repos you can download
> > > sources.
> > 
> > Ah.
> TCOS packages are (in priority order)
> initramfs-tools-tcos (generate bins: tcos-core, initramfs-tools-tcos,
> tcos)

seems to me, if you put more of the server-side stuff into
tcos-core(mainly most of the dependencies), or make an additional
package, it would be easy to integrate into LTSP, yet still work the way
you currently use it.

> tcos-extra-modules + sis7019 (modules to make TCOs work out of the box:
> unionfs, squashfs, aufs, sis7019)

can the unionfs, squashfs, aufs modules from debian be used (i.e. make
tcos-extra-modules a metapackage), or does it require additional patches
(and if so, is it possible to get those patches included)?
> lp-server (network printer support)

have you managed to contact upstream about getting clarifications on the
liscensing for lp-server? we had to remove it from ltsp because the
liscense was not clear in order to get it into debian.

there's two rewrites for ltsp (both named jetpipe) that provide network
printer support (one in python, and another in C). i hope to upload this
to debian soon.

> > > Before uploading need to solve some issues with LTSP developers and
> > > ltspfs packages to not duplicate packages in archive...

are the most recent packages still a problem for you? it still installs
the udev rules, but they are essentially harmless. i don't remember what
the other issues, if any, were.

live well,

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