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Re: wirless thin clients with TCOS

El sáb, 17-11-2007 a las 15:22 +0100, Holger Levsen escribió:
> Hi,
> On Wednesday 14 November 2007 16:17, mariodebian wrote:
> > TCOS works too, but today isn't in Debian, this bug is easy fixed when
> > someone sponsor the packages and ftp-master allow upload.
> I could only find #414412 - which are the other bugs / the package names on 
> mentors.d.n?

I only upload first (main) package and send ITP of this.

Other packages are optional and I want to upload later when first
package will be in mirrors.

> > Some screenshots:
> > http://soleup.eup.uva.es/mario/album/1/13
> They look nice+interesting, but only the thumbnails work for me, not the 
> bigger images :(

My gallery-blog don't work very good, try to click on "Descargar" (aka
Download link) and you will see a bigger images.

> > I will create official wiki page for TcosMonitor soon...
> Please do!
> > As concept test I have created a PHP + Ajax web page that simulate
> > TcosMonitor for control classroom from a web-browser.
> URL?

I have 2 virtual machines (vmware server) working with tcos.


user: admin
pass: admin

Go to preferences tab and put this settings:

user: root
pass: root

(this user is for connect to thin clients XMLRPC server)

Enable/disable any checkboxes that you want and click save, the data is
saved in a cookie (not secure but this version is an alpha stage)

Go to main tab and press refresh button, should appear 2 hosts: vmware1
and vmware2. You can do a lot of things except reboot, poweroff or lock
screen (public demo security)

Left click on IP address to give a menu of actions or click in Actions
for all for another menu.

Vmware1 are logged as user "prueba", please don't abuse or I will
shutdown virtual machine. All commands/ip referrer are saved in a text

Web page should appear in English or Spanish (depends on browser l10n)
Need javascript enabled.

> > Do you thing is better to create a big LTSP patch?
> Small patches (one per feature) usually work better :)
> > > Ah. What's the ITP #? And see above :)
> > http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=414412
> That's only for initramfs-tools-tcos, I'm sure you need more packages, don't 
> you?

Yes, but if first package isn't in Debian the rest don't bother.

> > Debian mentors packages are obsolete but in TCOS repos you can download
> > sources.
> Ah.

TCOS packages are (in priority order)

initramfs-tools-tcos (generate bins: tcos-core, initramfs-tools-tcos,

tinylogin (busybox's like login utils)

tcos-extra-modules + sis7019 (modules to make TCOs work out of the box:
unionfs, squashfs, aufs, sis7019)

lp-server (network printer support)
libflashsupport (wrapper to make work flash9 plugin with pulseaudio)

> > Before uploading need to solve some issues with LTSP developers and
> > ltspfs packages to not duplicate packages in archive...
> Ok.
> regards,
> 	Holger

Thanks for your comments.


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