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wirless thin clients with TCOS

Dear all,
I found this on the edubuntu list today. It looks very interesting for me - I have a bunch of wireless laptops that I would love to turn into thin clients or diskless workstations.

Is this something you knew about? Anyone tried it with skolelinux?


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Perhaps I will intromise in something that don't bother, but I want to
help you in other way.

We used edubuntu server 7.04 on the server, edubuntu desktop for the

We used wireless network interface cards which comes with windows drivers.
But luckily Edubuntu 7.04 does have Linux drivers for the wireless (CNet
CWP-854). We wanted to boot from the network. But PXE is not supported.

PXE isn't supported in wireless cards.

You need to put a small boot image in your thin clients, it's not
optimal to install Edubuntu desktop in every thin client.

With LTSP this could be very complicated.

I'm a developer of another thin client app called TCOS.

With TCOS you can create a small cdrom ISO which could be used to
install some files to boot thin client first from hard disk, and
secondly, enable wireless and connect to remote server using XDMCP
(support WPA too).

Not need NFS, and in wireless networks this is very optimal. TCOS
support sound (PulseAudio) and local devices (with LTSPFS).

Some LTSP developers in UDS (Sevilla, May 2007) call me to send a big
patch to use some TCOS tools in LTSP but I want to be another proyect
not only a patch of LTSP from now, in future perhaps I will do this
patch. First I want to upload this packages to Debian mirror.

You can install TCOS in any Ubuntu / Debian server.

Please take a look at:




Packages and GPG key import:

I hope this can help you.

Mario Izquierdo

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