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Re: wirless thin clients with TCOS


On Wednesday 14 November 2007 13:32, MarioDebian wrote:
> Last month I send a mail introducing me and TCOS project in this list:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2007/10/msg00273.html
> but nobody answer it :(

Well, I read it and didnt know what to answer. :) The great thing with LTSP 
is, it works well and it is in Debian. So I didn't know what to reply... 
re-reading that mail I now have one question, you wrote:

> TCOS (thin client operating system) [1] is a new project (more than one
> year) that's born to fix some educational aspects of LTSP (or other thin
> client implementations)

What are those education aspects TCOS fixes?

> It could be very great if someone could test and sponsor my debian
> packages to upload to debian oficial mirrors.

Ah. What's the ITP #? And see above :)


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