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Re: wirless thin clients with TCOS

El mié, 14-11-2007 a las 14:50 +0100, Holger Levsen escribió:
> Hi,

Hi again.

> On Wednesday 14 November 2007 13:32, MarioDebian wrote:
> > Last month I send a mail introducing me and TCOS project in this list:
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2007/10/msg00273.html
> > but nobody answer it :(
> Well, I read it and didnt know what to answer. :) The great thing with LTSP 
> is, it works well and it is in Debian. So I didn't know what to reply... 

TCOS works too, but today isn't in Debian, this bug is easy fixed when
someone sponsor the packages and ftp-master allow upload.

I had try to upload one time, but packages don't have correct
debian/copyright file, and was rejected.

> re-reading that mail I now have one question, you wrote:
> > TCOS (thin client operating system) [1] is a new project (more than one
> > year) that's born to fix some educational aspects of LTSP (or other thin
> > client implementations)
> What are those education aspects TCOS fixes?

1.- A teacher control panel (one year ago Thin Client Manager don't
exists) and other apps (iTALC) runs over VNC (slow performance)

Some screenshots:


I will create official wiki page for TcosMonitor soon...

It's like Thin Client Manager but with more actions and not dependes on
VNC/RFB protocol.

It works with an XMLRPC server and can work with thin clients and
standalone hosts in a similar way.

As concept test I have created a PHP + Ajax web page that simulate
TcosMonitor for control classroom from a web-browser.

2.- Better audio system (one year ago all thin client implementations
use esound) I test PulseAudio and contribute to project, making work
with some apps like JClic (spanish educational author software) now LTSP
can use PulseAudio but not comes as default.

3.- Easy configurations and instalation (we have a wizard like
PXESConfig called TcosConfig) it's a simple frontend of gentcos script.
Again, one year ago, LTSP 4.x was very dificult to install and configure
to non expert linux users.

You can see all things that TCOS support (there are others hidden in
gui) in this screenshots:

4.- Magic devices. TCOS uses LTSPFS but I have created a python GUI,
that allow to mount/umount devices very easy. Screencast:

Support floppy, cdrom, hard disk partitions, cdaudio, and USB sticks.

Other interesting GUI is for change volume levels in thin client:

This simple gui retrieve (using xmlrpc) all sound card channels, render
with sliders and allow to mute/unmute and up/down. With LTSP only can
change (using gstreamer+PulseAudio) PCM and master, and not always work.

I know that LTSP 5.x is bigger & better and today use similar things
that TCOS, but as very small free software business, one year ago I
needed to offer to my clients a better thin client support, not only
install schools classroms with LTSP or PXES.

If we have a lot of Desktops (KDE, Gnome, Xfce ...)
Why can have different thin client services?

Do you thing is better to create a big LTSP patch?

I suppose you know about some small thin clients like epatec eTC2300,
with TCOS this thin client work (sound too) in LTSP is very dificult to
make work and need more than 5 minutes to boot.


TCOS born as Debian native package (inspired in casper/debian-live
ideas) and as Debian user (more than 5 years) it will very great if my
work finish being a Debian official package.

I'm not a computer engineer, code must be ugly in some cases, simply I'm
a university student (electronics) and linux is a beautiful hobby and a
new way to share knowledge with others, perhaps a future in my small

> > It could be very great if someone could test and sponsor my debian
> > packages to upload to debian oficial mirrors.
> Ah. What's the ITP #? And see above :)


Some URLS have changed to new web site (bug is dated in 11 Mar 2007):


Debian mentors packages are obsolete but in TCOS repos you can download

All packages are compiled with pbuilder (i386 and amd64) and some of
then are lintian clean.

Before uploading need to solve some issues with LTSP developers and
ltspfs packages to not duplicate packages in archive...

> regards,
> 	Holger



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