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Re: Login possible only with root


I don't assume, that all directories are re-created every minute, but 
that the cronjob checks every 5 minutes if there is any tasks to be 
done. In this case, it shouldn't be any problem to reduce the interval 
for this check down to 1 minute (if not less). Other daemons (like 
hald) are checking more often (as they are triggered within seconds). 
To be on the safe side, it could be wise
- to start the script in nice mode.
- to make sure the script doesn't overlap (e.g. using lock file).

Am Dienstag 28 August 2007 13:05 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> An alternative is to implement some notification system from the
> www-data process to a process with the privileges required to create
> home directories.  For localhost messages a unix socket could be
> used, and for remote host connections either IP or some proxy could
> be used. Not sure if such system exist already, or if a new protocol
> would have to be specified for this.

As for notification, I blame KDE/KDM not to give more precise feedback 
to users whose login fails (I filed a bug report once for this):
- home dir does not exist (maybe LWAT's cronjob can't even create it 
  as the mount point is missing. This is the case when manual 
  partitioning was chosen and there is just one partition).
- home dir / quota is full 
- home dir has no write access

With LDM, Klaus-Ade told me that missing ssh access (in my case, ssh was 
down for uncertain reasons) makes the session fail.


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