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Re: via thin client pxe fails after upgrade

nigel barker wrote:
Further to this, the Via clients work perfectly on a SL3 server that hasn't been updated, but none of them work on either an updated server, nor a fresh net-install.
They have via VT6102 rhine II  v 2.13 onboard LAN with Intel UNDI PXE 2.0
They halt at the very beginning, the same as they would do if unplugged.

why do these things happen on the second day of school? Anyway, I survived by plugging in some computers that are in for repair, and some laptops that can pxe boot. Luckily no-one booked them out so early in the school year.


nigel barker wrote:
Dear all

I aptitude upgraded ltspserver last night. (sources.list attached)
This morning, only PC thin clients will boot.
Via Eden EPIA diskless clients are failing with
PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM

These clients are plugged into the same hub as the PC clients. All of the PC (booting from onboard NIC PXE) thin clients boot. None of the Vias will boot.

I am stumped, and these clients are half my lab!

Where to begin?
Read all logs. no hints in there. ?
does it request an ip ? does it get it ?
if it does get one, does it request the pxelinux.0 file with tftp? does it get it ?

giving the full output of all that goes down before the hang would help troubleshoot.


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